Easy Upgrades

New technology can improve the performance of your current machines. RE Dixon can help by providing drop in replacements for many different subsytems. Contact us for more information.

RE Dixon provides complete upgrade services for the following items:

* G1 and G2 Rotation
* Improved coil purge
* Rotation active sensor
* Hydrogen and HCl leak detector system
* Susceptor temperature measurement system
* Modicon PLC to replace the 5TI Idec PLC
* 50Hz blowers, rotation and lift system
* 50Hz operating voltage changes
* Automated control console for G 1 and G 2 reactors
* Opaque quartz for IR shielding
* Exhaust valving
* Low particulate door package (G 2)
* High temperature Hepa filters
* Six pulse power control for R.F. Generators
* Siemens Tube retrofits for R.F. Generators