The Rexon 8® is an enlarged version of a reactor chamber that has performed the most complex processes of epitaxial and poly silicon growth. Silicon on sapphire, selective epitaxial growth, sharp transition width growth on heavily doped substrates, Insitu Multi-Dopant concentration and controlled dopant gradient layers. The Rexon 8® reactor chamber is designed for use in the manufacture of all types of semiconductor devices. Designed to meet the requirements of VLSI, Bipolar, CMOS, Discrete, Digital, Linear Analog, and Poly for dielectric isolated devices. The vertical gas entry, rotating silicon carbide coated susceptor, coupled with a patented bell jar configuration and adjustable R.F. coil design, gives the processed wafer load excellent uniformity of both thickness and resistivity. The process chamber and plumbing design have been manufactured to the highest standards to eliminate metallic contaminations. A water and air cooled Gold Reflector Shroud reflects energy back into the front side of the silicon wafers. This reduces the stress caused by the temperature differences through the wafer. The Rexon® reactor has been used to grow single crystal silicon from sub micron to as thick as 250 microns. The Rexon 8 ® is not limited to one or two silicon sources, but performs equally well on silane, dichlorsilane, open trichlorosilane or silicon tetrachloride. For those factories and foundries using multiple wafer diameters This reactor may be changed to accommodate any wafer from 150 mm to 300 mm within seconds.

Dual-station Reactor

Rexon® Dual-station design allows automatic switch over of the R.F. Generator to a waiting process chamber. Seperate process gas panels are provided for each reactor. This design optimizes the process time and the power supply usage with a single tool installation. This design is especially useful when the deposit time is less than the heat up and cool down or separate process program is being run on each chamber. This system can also be used as a high through put machine with a second R.F. power supply.

Single-Station Reactor

Rexon® single station has one process chamber with a dedicated power supply. This design should be used when the deposit time is much longer than the combination of heat up and cool down or the need for high through put is not a major concern. This single reactor is also used to grow thick layers of poly silicon with thickness of more than 25 mils. Processes have been developed to grow this poly layer at 3-8 micron per minute. The bow is routinely less than 3 mils. with fine grain structure and no voids. The Rexon® reactor has large doors for easy operator access. These folding doors are latched with pull handles and rotate on bushings and bearings. This combination reduces particle generation and allows easy access also foRexon 8 sider cleaning and maintenance.

Gas Flow Control System

The Rexon® gas jungle is designed to accept all major manufacturers of automatic mass flow controllers. The layout allows easy additions and deletions of components. The process tubing has an electro-polished interior, orbital welded under inert gas using microweld fittings with VCR connections. The exterior is then electro-polished. The process gas system is leaked tested to a rate of less than 1 x 10-8 He STD cc/sec. Rexon® comes standard with an adjustable coil purge and separate process dopant lines injected at the bottom of the reactor. Each Rexon® comes standard, with two silicon and two dopant sources. RF Heating Rexon® R.F. coil is designed to operate with the RE Dixon MK Series R.F. Generator. The 200 kW model is set up to operate in the 75 to 100 kHz range. This insures ample power delivery using transmission lines up to 50 feet in length while keeping the frequency high enough to prevent susceptor chatter.