In these dramatic times of soaring energy costs it is clear that efficiencies now play a major role in the success of any manufacturing strategy. We are pleased to announce the release of the MK Series R.F. Generator. This groundbreaking new generator offers dramatic increases in efficiency. Compared to the industry standard of 45%, the MK Series of generators represents a leap in engineering design with a guaranteed 90% efficiency. Actual factory testing scored as high as 95% efficiency. And because it requires much less cooling water, it also reduces the costs of furnishing chilled water. That's why so many of our customers have chosen to replace their aging Westinghouse or Pillar R.F. Generators with an MK Series Generator. Providing 100 to 200 kilowatts at 50 to 150 kilohertz, these powerful solid-state generators replace inefficient oscillator tube systems, providing a boost in performance and dramatic reductions in electrical and maintenance costs. With the MK Series Generator, there is no need to replace tubes, which in the old systems cost upwards of 16,000 U.S. dollars a year to replace. With a reduced footprint, these systems also require much less of precious clean room floor space. Maintenance costs are reduced as well with the MK Series. This technological marvel has zero consumables. Internal components operate at only 600 volts (compared to 15,000 with other competing models), the system provides for greater reliability and less component breakdown. This also allows for a much safer working environment for your employees. The advance operating systems on the RE Dixon's MK Series allow you to monitor output and to easily perform self-diagnostics. The MK Series Generator provides superior performance for Gemini and Rexon systems worldwide.

Conversion Efficiency

The power conversion efficiency of the tube type RF generator would be approximately 45% of the input power. This efficiency is depending on the tuning, type and age of the oscillator tubes. In actual installations the efficiency could be much lower. If the generator is using a dropper tube for power regulation it has an efficiency much lower than the 6 pulse control's 45% efficiency. The MK series generator efficiency is approximately 90%. This relates to at least 50% savings in the power consumption. Note: The MK 200 efficiency specifications include all losses (6 pulse, DC power supply filter, inverter modules, output matching transformer and tank capacitors). Floor Space - The footprint of the MK series generator equals 15 square feet, with all load matching inside. The footpring of the existing tube R.F. Generator equals 27.5 square feet. Facility Water Requirements - Based on the conversion efficiencies previously stated, your facility water supply would be required to dissipate approximately 60,000 BTU @ 200 kW with the MK series power supply compared to 450,000 BTU @ 125 kW with the vacuum tube R.F. Generator. Arc-over Potential - Since the optimum operating frequency of the MK series is at approximately 50% of the output frequency of most existing vacuum tube R.F. generators, the potential for transmission line or load coil arc-over is much less. The equipment is designed to be a direct replacement for all inductively heated epitaxial equipment. It will accept all of the common input control signals (0 to 5 mA, 4 to 20 mA and 0 to 10 volts DC). The signal from the Gemini temperature controller remains the same. The R.F. output connects directly to the present coaxial transmission line. (Some minor reconfigurating of R.F. line will be necessary.)


Standard features and specifications:

Control power and EMO push-button switches
Reset and all other manual functions are via a touch panel display.
WinPLC controller performs all system housekeeping functions.
Power control can be set via the touch panel to manually select the desired operating power level
Microprocessor controlled with maintenance access to all functions through the front touch panel display or (if installed) the local area network.
Resonant frequency is controlled automatically.
Flow meters monitor each of the three cooling loops. Coolant loop and cabinet ambient air temperatures are also monitored.
Non-intrusive, self-diagnostics test and monitor the firing boards, signals and power CMOS devices. All data is available on the front LCD touch screen.
An internal matching circuit provides the proper matching at the desired output frequency to the work coil (50 - 150 kHz).
Load matching components, including a current matching transformer and load matching capacitor bank are installed within the enclosure.




RE Dixon Power Supply

The standard Gemini 2 & Gemini 3 MK-150 Transistorized Solid State Power Supply is rated at 150 kW, and comes with matching for 77 kHz operation. The unit is totally enclosed and water cooled. The input power requirements are 480 volts, 3 phase, at 60 Hz or 380-410 Vac @ 50 Hz and 177 kVA (at rated output power). This equipment is more advanced than any line of power supply available today. Conversion efficiency is in the 90% plus category. The 150 kW units have an internal output transformer for load matching. The physical dimensions of the complete unit are 60" wide, 36" deep and 72" in height. Power Output: Operating Frequency: Line Voltage: AC kVA: External dimensions in: Input control signal: Model MK-200 200 kW 50 to 150 kHz 3ph 380/480V 50/60Hz 258 kVA 60(W) x 36(D) x 72(H) 0-10V, 0-5mA, 4-20mA Model MK-150 150 kW 194 kVA

General Description

The MK-200 uses 8 ea. 25 kW Power Inverter Modules. The system's PLC monitors DC current at each of the module's 4 legs along with output transistor temperature. The system's PLC also monitors all system vital paramaters including input line current and cabinet temperature. (Coolant temperature and coolant flow on all three loops.) A 5" LCD touchscreen display reports generator status and provides the maintenance interface. The equipment cabinet is sized to provide space for the additional load matching components, including a current matching transformer and load matching capacitors. The control interface is designed to wire identically to the typical G 2 or G 3 reactor installation. The coaxial interface to the transmission line is also the same. MK Series R.F. Generators - Patent pending